Game Information King Arthur - com erro

King Arthur - com erro

King Arthur - com erro With intricate illustrative graphics, this slot is sure to carry you away to Camelot. Find out if you are the chosen one with the ‘Sword in the Stone’ reel feature. King Arthur video slot offers two types of wild to double your win!
King Arthur - com erro

How to play King Arthur - com erro

Can the sword be pulled out of the stone?
The symbol will animate. A certain percentage of the time the sword will remain stuck, less frequently the sword will be pulled out.
For each sword that is pulled out of the stone, the scatter win will multiply the winnings by X2, this bonus is cumulative so 3 swords pulled out will give a X2 X2 X2 (X8) multiplier.

3, 4 or 5 Bonus symbols appearing on a line will activate the Camelot Quest Game. The player may choose to gamble their bonus by playing the paths of the “Quest Game” indefinitely or may collect all or collect half of their bonus before or after each paths game they play.

King Arthur returns from his quests. Help guide him back to Camelot where you can multiply your bonus up to x4 depending on the door he chooses. At the first two junctions you can decide left or right by stopping a flashing sign post. At all subsequent junctions king Arthur randomly decides to take the left or right path.

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