Game Information Joker 8000 - com erro

Joker 8000 - com erro

Joker 8000 - com erro This multi-opportunity game is illustrated with bold, colorful graphics and easily navigated functions, providing long-lasting entertainment with the very real chance of significant rewards. For a gaming experience that is truly out of the ordinary and full of fun, try Joker 8 000
Joker 8000 - com erro

How to play Joker 8000 - com erro

The main excitement and opportunity in the game comes from the Supergame, where the player can keep track of success on a supermeter. In the Supergame, the player has a choice and control of 5 different bet levels, which can be changed via a control button.
The super game is played at a fixed bet of 20 credits and uses credit from the super-meter (awarded from wins / gambles).

In the super game, a mystery award of between 20 and 8000 can be awarded if the player spins in two joker symbols across any two-reel positions (27 ways to win).

This does not mean that only a pair can be brought in. Multiplier pays of 2 jokers (due to there being 27 ways for this to happen) can happen. Each pair of jokers has their separate amount.

Wins from the jokers are paid into the Supermeter credits just like a normal win.

Gamble: The player chooses RED or BLACK and the cards animate to the outcome. A correct guess doubles the gambled value, a lose ends the gamble with no win.

If the player loses and has transferred (set aside) some of their winnings then they will have the opportunity to gamble the set aside amount if they want or collect. If no winnings are left to gamble then the player is returned to the reel game.

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  • Banco Do Brasil

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