Game Information Jason and the Golden Fleece - com erro

Jason and the Golden Fleece - com erro

Jason and the Golden Fleece - com erro This game is themed on the quest of a young leader and his brave companions, who sail to the ends of the known world to find the golden fleece of a mystical ram, in order to claim Jason's throne from a usurper. Join one of mythology's greatest adventures in Jason and the Golden Fleece!
Jason and the Golden Fleece - com erro

How to play Jason and the Golden Fleece - com erro

Three or more Golden Fleece symbols scattered on the reels, activate the Jason's Journey bonus game that consists on a trail with six different stopping points. Each stop has a different bonus game. The player will progress along the trail each time the bonus game is activated. Each time a bonus game is completed, an indicator lights up in the regular slot game.

The bonus games are:
-  IOLCUS BONUS GAME In this bonus, players get to pick 6 shields for hidden rewards
Twelve shields are displayed. Behind each shield there is a random bonus win amount.
All the bonus win amounts revealed are won.

- MYSIA BONUS GAME Seventeen harpys are displayed. Behind sixteen of the harpys there are element symbols. Behind one of the harpies there is a 2x multiplier. The player should choose harpies until finding four of the same element symbols.
If the multiplier is found when the four element symbols are matched, all the possible bonus amounts on the bonus pay table will be doubled.

The Symplegades Shipwreck gives players two bonus picks to reveal random bonus win amounts.
After the first pick, the player can choose to keep the win amount, or pick again and select another item. By the picking a second time, the first prize selected will be lost.

The player will spin a wheel to win multiplier values over the total bet amount.
The bonus game consists of a wheel made up of twenty segments. Each segment has a multiplier value or a + 1 Spin label.
The player can win up to a maximum of four additional spins on the wheel.
If the player doesn’t win any extra free spins, the sum of the multiplier values will be collected.

The objective of this game is to choose if the value of a card is higher or lower than the preceding card.
The player will receive five cards. The first card is face-up and the remaining four cards are face-down. If the first guess is correct, the player will advance to the next card and choose again.
With each correct guess the value of the multiplier increases. If the value of the next card is equal to the previous card, the player wins. If the guess is incorrect, the total bet amount is multiplied by the last multiplier value won.
A 5x multiplier value will be awarded for each face-down card.
If all five cards are turned face-up at the end of the bonus game and the cards result in a winning poker hand, you qualify for an Extra Poker Hand Bonus.

Twenty bottles are displayed. Behind each bottle is a random bonus win amount. The player should choose bottles, until finding a Potion Complete symbol.
If a Potion Complete symbol is found, the game ends and the player will be awarded a consolation prize of 2x your bet amount.
The player wins the total of all the bonus win amounts revealed.

Three or more Jason and the Golden Fleece Logo symbols scattered on the reels, activate 10 Free Spins with a x3 multiplier.

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