Game Information American Roulette - flash play

American Roulette - flash play

American Roulette - flash play This is roulette the way it is played throughout America. The American Roulette wheel has 36 numbers, a single zero and a double zero. American Roulette offers the Player the choice between playing in Regular or Expert Mode which offers a standard set of game features and advanced features; respectively. 
American Roulette - flash play

How to play American Roulette - flash play

The objective of the game is to guess in which of 38 slots the ball will land.
To start, the player should select the bets.
After selecting the bets, the player should spin the wheel. Prizes are awarded if the player has made a bet on the number where the ball fell.


RANGES: the player can choose to bet a one of the several ranges of numbers available on the table grid.

RED OR BLACK: the player can choose to place a bet from choosing from red or black color.

ODD/EVEN: the player can choose to place a bet by trying to guess if the next winning number will be even or odd.

PAIRS/QUADS: With this bet the player can pick pairs or sets of four numbers to bet on.

SINGLE NUMBER: the player picks the single number where he/she thinks the ball will land on. It offers the lowest chances of picking correctly but also the greatest winnings if guessed correctly.

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