Game Information Max Damage and The Alien Attack

Max Damage and The Alien Attack

Max Damage and The Alien Attack
Max Damage and the Alien Attack is space ship shooting game, where the player controls a spaceship and fires at attacking alien ships ahead. The objective of the game is to kill all enemy ships on screen in order to progress to the next level. Destroyed alien ships will award random win values.
The game consists of 9 levels, some which award Freebies, which is a free play round and other levels which requires the player to kill a Level Boss. Bosses are capable of higher rewards than alien ships. The player is given up to 6 lives to play with and during the course of the game is awarded with Health Boosters and Shields, which will enhance and protect his ships life. Other drop items include different weapon upgrades and ammunition to assist in destroying the alien ships.
Max Damage and The Alien Attack

How to play Max Damage and The Alien Attack

- There are nine levels to the game. During the 1st level you battle against two types of alien ships with 15 Free Shots and no returning fire.
- During the 2nd level you’ll encounter three types of alien ships and 15 Free Shots. One type of aircraft will shoot at you and all wins are doubled.
- The 3rd level involves three types of alien ships. One type of alien aircraft shoots at you and a boss awaits you at the end of the level. You can destroy the boss with five explosions, each of which costs 10 coins.
-The 4th level brings you to a fight against 5 types of alien ships and two of the ships will shoot at you. There are 35 Free Shots awarded during this level.
- During the 5th level there will be 6 types of alien ships and you’ll have 21 Free Shots with a double multiplier for all winning shots. Four of the enemy aircraft will shoot at you.
- Level 6 brings you to a fight against five types of alien ships and three of the ship types will try to attack you. There is a boss at the end of the level which can be destroyed after 10 explosions of 10 coins per explosion.
- The 7th level involves 6 types of alien ships with 3 types of ships shooting back at you. There are 25 Free Shots and a triple multipler for all wins.
- The 8th level brings you into battle with 7 types of alien ships. Four of the aircraft shoot at you. Wins are quadrupled. There are 25 Free Shots during Level 8.
- The 9th level, the last level, brings you into contact with six different types of alien aircraft. Three of the ship types shoot and at the end the boss awaits which can be destroyed by 11 explosions of 10 coins each.

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